Jack Wood, RCA Magic Hero '21

Introducing Jack Wood!

RCA is proud to present Jack Wood: winner of the RCA Magic Hero Contest! Jack Wood is the founder of Growing Together Community Gardens, and its mission is to fight food insecurity by connecting people in Fargo North Dakota with affordable produce and a good community.

How did he win?

During the holiday season of 2020 RCA wanted to give back by awarding a local community hero to support their mission & give them the recognition that they deserve. Over 1,500 entrees to the contest were submitted, and the winner amongst them was Jack Wood! His selfless mission of fighting food scarcity by bringing people together in community gardens truly embodies that of a true local hero.

How does it work?

It’s simple! Volunteers work on the gardens: now 8 gardens and counting! All the while learning skills organizations that help fight food insecurity. In 2020 alone over 8,000 pounds of food was sent this way!

How can you help?!

Growing Together Community Gardens; located in Fargo North Dakota always welcomes new volunteers and donations. Discover how you can help at growingtogetherfm.org!