Countertop Dishwasher RDW3208

  • Water Consumption (Normal Wash) : 13 liters

RCA Dishwasher

Hello clean and sparkling dishes. Hello savings.

You're tired of washing your dishes by hand but don't have the space for a large dishwasher. RCA offers you its compact and portable dishwasher. It fits in any kitchen, even the smallest.

RCA doesn't sacrifice quality. You get the best of both worlds: efficient washing with multiple wash cycles and low water consumption.

The icing on the cake is that the dishwasher has easy-to-use self-cleaning options.



  • electronic controls
  • push buttons: on/off/program/ pause/reset
  • programs: heavy/normal, speed
  • switch style: light current
  • indicator function: fill rinse aid
  • on/off program indicator
  • water sensor flowmeter
  • ant flood device floating switch
  • visible heating elements
  • 600 v heat element
  • easy cleaning
  • stainless steel tub material
  • foldable bottom plate rack
  • low spray arms
  • dispenser system: detergent and rinse aid
  • residual drying system
  • water consumption (normal wash): 13 liters


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