Doing business with RCA

America is the land of opportunity and a driver of innovation. RCA exemplifies that spirit of progress and continues its legacy of achievement from laboratory to living room. From the advent of commercial radio to the ever-expanding universe of color television, to NASA’s moon missions and beyond; few brands are as integral to the fabric of American culture as RCA.

Today, RCA seeks to partner with ambitious manufacturers and/or distributors who share the same commitments (fair prices, proven technology, sustainable products) in order to extend the influence of this emblematic brand internationally with all consumers.

By leveraging the recognition and reputation of an established brand, businesses can quickly build credibility and trust with consumers, who may be more likely to try a new product from a brand they recognize and trust. which they trust. This can lead to faster time to market, increased sales, and reduced risk:

• Accelerate launch: a brand name with global appeal brings the world to your doorstep. Take advantage of increased access and improve your market share in regions previously out of reach.

• Reduce risks: when you work under a powerful banner that signals your standards and principles, you profit directly from existing brand values instead of needing to invest in cost-intensive long-term brand building of your own

• Leverage marketing: being a member of this community means you multiply your marketing potential with the support of the parent brand’s unified social channels, global website, and extended marketing apparatus.

What if your product was available in the most vibrant marketplace in the world? Fill out the form if you are interested in licensing the RCA brand: