Portable Theater Projector 480P RPJ264

Up to 100” picture size

  • Supports 1080P, 1080I, 720P, 576I, 480P, and 480I via HDMI input
  • Compact design and built in carry handle
  • LCD

RCA Projector

  • The LCD display delivers stunning, razor-sharp images and true-to-life colours.
  • Compact design allows for portability, with built-in carry handle for presentations or movie viewing on the go
  • Up to 100” picture size –super sized projection LCD combined with LCD projection lamp provides an immersive experience viewing sports, movies, and games


More details

  • Equipped with HDMI for connecting cable boxes, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, or streaming devices like mobile phones, tablets, Roku, or Apple TV
  • Ideal for dark viewing environments to create the optimal viewing performance


Picture size Up to 100"
Native resolution 800 x 480
Supported resolution 1080p
Supported resolution 480i
Supported resolution 720p
Supported resolution 480p
Supported resolution 180i
Supported resolution 576i
Lamp life 30,000 hours
Input VGA
Input HDMI x2
Input AV

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