Wine Cooler - 28 Bottle Storage RFRW284H

  • 28 Bottle Storage
  • Low Noise

RCA Wine Cooler

Keep all the original flavors of your wine with the wine cooler. Awaken your senses: olfaction and taste buds. You will know every particularity of your wine and can discuss it with your entourage. Fruity wine, unctuous wine, fresh wine, tannic wine, become a true wine expert.

In addition to keeping the flavors, the wine cooler keeps your bottles in the best conditions for all occasions. Serve your wine quickly and easily.

Don’t worry, the wine cooler takes care of your wine.



  • holds up to 28 bottles (70l)
  • 2 layer glass door design
  • adjustable temperature control
  • removable shelves
  • white interior light
  • adjustable height
  • heat pipe technology is 10x more efficient than standard wine chiller. this allows our system to use much less energy with ultra quiet operation.


Storage 28
Temperature control Yes
Interior light Yes
Noise level Low


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