Connected speakers, but what for?


Smart and mobile


Today you are spoiled for choice when it comes to connected models with the latest technology.


Here are the wireless speakers, with Bluetooth® and WiFi connectivity, able to connect to other speakers or equipped with voice assistants.


Are speakers becoming one of the smartest objects in your home? We are not far from it today!

The wireless revolution


Before, to use speakers, it was mandatory to connect them to the mains, then connect them to your stereo or your TV.


With the development of speakers with built-in battery, particularly suitable for tablets and smartphones, this was the first revolution: no more need for a power outlet to increase the sound level!


Then, a second revolution has arrived for music lovers who want to listen to music everywhere, thanks to Bluetooth®, which allows them to have a total wireless experience.


After Bluetooth® has arrived the possibility of connecting a wireless speaker to a WiFi network, to extend the range of action of the speaker, since WiFi has a much wider range than Bluetooth®.


Another advantage is streaming music from more devices. Only condition: all devices must be on the same WiFi network.


Thus, connect a speaker in WiFi also allows to listen to music from a smartphone, a tablet, a computer, a TV or a game console.


And your guests will be also able to play their music easily via this wireless network. Very convenient, isnt’it?


More sound in every room, thanks to the Multiroom


But why could not we also wirelessly connect a speaker to another speaker, if we can connect it to a computer or a smartphone?

This is precisely the concept of Multiroom, which equips some new speakers. Not only do they offer wireless Bluetooth® and WiFi connections, but these speakers also include the Multiroom system, which allows them to be connected, wirelessly, to other loudspeakers installed in the house, in order to stream music more widely, into your home. or even outdoors, if the speakers have a battery.

If the range and thickness of the walls allow it, you can enjoy Multiroom sound in several rooms or even on several floors.

Depending on the number of speakers connected to each other, a wireless network is created to communicate with each other and can deliver a clearer and more powerful sound. If you like to organize parties with a homogeneous music or if you want to listen to music everywhere in your home, it's really an ideal solution!


And the voice assistants?


The latest trend is to integrate a voice assistant into a speaker connected to the Internet.

There are indeed models with Google Assistant, and others equipped with Alexa, the voice assistant of Amazon.

These new speakers, particularly intelligent, can respond to dozens of voice commands with their built-in microphones and voice assistant. for example:

answer your questions about the weather, or road traffic, find recipes, schedule an alarm ringtone, but also allow you to listen directly to your favorite songs and artists directly from your Amazon Music account, or your favorite radio stations. These are some of the commands embedded in this type of "smart speakers".

Now, the speaker is more than just a way to listen to music at home or elsewhere: connected to the Internet, smart and fully autonomous, it is at the heart of your connected home! It offers immediate access to entertainment, not just music. It is adapted to all members of the family, by its great simplicity of use.

Hard to do without it after having tested it. So, are you now ready to switch to connected speakers?