Control from Anywhere

  • Dimmable Multicolor 10W Lights (60W Equivalent)
  • 800 Lumens
  • 16 Mil. Colors


RCA Smart WiFi A19 LED Bulbs 2 PACK | Dimmable Multicolor 10W Lights (60W Equivalent) | 800 Lumens|Control from Anywhere | Set Schedules and Timers | Works with Alexa and Google Assistant|16 Mil. Colors 


How many people does it take to change a light bulb? If we told you barely one, we’d probably have to explain the joke. At its core, RCA’s Smart Wi-Fi Bulb is designed with the flexibility to change without anyone having to touch it. Using the RCA Smart Home app on your phone or device, or by the sound of your voice through a virtual assistant, you can literally tell the bulb when to activate, or change color, or dim, or turn itself off.  And it’s no joke. We’re talking about a standard sized lamp bulb.  The ones you use at home.  

The technology might be complex, but RCA makes using this bulb easy.  We’ve taken out the middleman that used to be necessary for this remote control. No longer do you need a dedicated home tech hub to control the device from afar. Log in from anywhere, using the App, and talk to your bulb directly.  Takes the worry out of traveling.  

The sheer magnitude of available colors and light temperatures is somewhat mind-boggling. RCA gives you the freedom set a very particular mood within your space, without having keep buying separate products that you might return. This freedom to choose is critical to all the smart technology that we offer.  


  • App and Voice Control: Use the RCA Smart Home app or your virtual assistant to turn lights on and off or change color from anywhere or create schedules to fit your lifestyle. You can also share control access with family members.  

  • Completely tunable white light temperatures and 16 million hues. You have this enormous palette of light effects to set and control.  From cool to warm, 2700k-6500k.  

  • Hub-Free Design: RCA Smart Bulbs have the technology to automatically connect with your internet wi-fi router without the need for a 3rd party, intermediary device like a smart home hub. One less piece of equipment to worry about.  

  • Fits into the Standard USA-Sized Sockets: RCA Smart bulbs will fit into your existing E26 shaped socket and feature the classic A19 shaped light design. 120V, 60Hz.  

  • System Requirements: Mobile device running iOS 10 or higher or Android 5 or higher.  


Home automation : Bulbs - North America
Brightness 800 lumens
Wattage 60W
Color Multicolor lights
Wi-fi Yes

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