Portable Projector 480P RPJ060

20 Thumping Watts of Premium sound

  • 2 Hour Rechargeable Battery
  • Outdoor Capable with 42 Lumens of Brightness
  • LCD

RCA Projector

RCA Portable home theater projector for both outdoors and indoors. Use on a projector screen or even on the wall or side of house. Built-in rechargeable battery and large forward firing speaker fills the area will sound. Remote control allows controlling the functions from your seat. Enhance your family entertainment experience with this RCA home theatre projector. Featuring a standard resolution of 480p and maximum resolution of 1080p, it projects your favorite movies and games with stunning visuals on a potential screen of up to 150". With 30,000-hour estimated lamp life, you can enjoy many years of big screen entertainment.


More details

  • Built-in rechargeable battery allows you to watch movies outside in your backyard without worrying about where to plug the projector in!
  • Integrated 20W speaker reproduce rich, powerful audio for your movies, games, TV shows, and many more
  • Approximate lamp life of 30,000 hours ensure durability, so you won't have to replace it for long period of time
  • Remote control allows controlling the functions from your seat.
  • 42 lumens of white brightness delivers brilliant display with precise image details of colors, brightness, and contrast levels
  • 1080p maximum resolution and 480p standard resolution (800x480 native) supporting 16:9, 4:3 aspect ratios offer immersive picture quality with lifelike imagery 
  • LCD display technology showcases your content on any flat surface featuring a potential screen size up to 150"  
  • Two HDMI ports allow you to connect your Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and other content streaming devices easily 
  • One composite AV input and 1 VGA port allow you to connect compatible display sources like TVs and computer monitors 
  • Throw ratio of 5 feet allows you to setup the projector even in compact rooms where the projecting distance is at premium 
  • Quiet operating fan runs silently to provide you distraction-free entertainment 


Picture size Up to 150"
Native resolution 800 x 480
Supported resolution 576i
Supported resolution 1080p
Supported resolution 480i
Supported resolution 720p
Supported resolution 480p
Supported resolution 180i
Lamp life 30,000 hours
Input VGA
Input HDMI x2
Input AV

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