How can I optimize the use of my dryer?

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Our tips for increasing efficiency

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden or a terrace where they can dry their laundry under the care of the wind and the sun. In town or in cramped accommodation, if you do not want to turn the house into a laundry room, the tumble dryer is a solution that has proven itself on a daily basis in many homes. With our tips, it is possible to gain even more efficiency and reduce the time of use of the device.



The dryer is an efficient appliance, but why let it do all the work? Rather than entrusting it with laundry that is still wet, it is better to leave it to the washing machine to do it with an appropriate spin program. This saves time during drying up to halving it! The clothes will also benefit from it in the long term, because if the dryer has only one defect, it is that of wearing out the linen by friction, which is not the case with a washing machine , even at high spinning speed. This also prevents the laundry from coming out of the appliance crumpled.


Fabric softeners and detergents


If your dryer suddenly seems to be getting sluggish, drying cycles are getting longer, or worse, laundry comes out stained, it is most likely due to fabric softener or detergent residue from the wash. Reduce the doses of detergent and fabric softener. Regarding the latter, better yet, use white vinegar instead, of which you will pour ½ glass into the fabric softener tray instead of your usual product. It is as effective, cheaper and less allergenic.


Stains and odors


Linen to be dried must also be thoroughly clean. If stains remain, going to the dryer will burn them and they will set even more in the textiles. Depending on the case, it may also spread a bad smell throughout the appliance and therefore in the rest of the laundry. For the same reason, you should never put in a dryer laundry that smells, thinking that the smell will disappear, even with a “cold air” drying program.

The right place


To operate properly, the dryer must circulate hot air in order to dry the laundry by evaporation. It is therefore important that the dryer is not placed in a humid place, which would have the effect of greatly extending the drying time, but on the contrary, to place it in a dry place.


It lets off steam !


Even if it is very tempting, it is completely inadvisable to put the laundry, rolled into a ball, in the dryer directly out of the washing machine! Before placing it in the drum of the dryer, shake the laundry a little. Here too, the drying will be even faster and it will also prevent the linen from being crumpled.


At the end of the drying cycle


After the drying cycle has finished, depending on the type of fabric, the laundry may still be very slightly damp. For perfect drying, simply stir it by hand and wait a few minutes, taking care to leave the dryer door open. On the other hand, if you plan to iron the laundry, take it out immediately, in order to take advantage of this humidity. With this in mind, it may even be practical to reduce the drying time to ensure having still even more humidity before ironing.


Clean the filters


The filters of the dryer must be cleaned after each use to get rid of the residues of textiles which form a wad. The vacuum cleaner is very practical for thoroughly cleaning these filters, but one often forget to pass it regularly at the bottom of the device. Remember to do this at least every other time, so that the suction filters do not clog.


Shorten drying time


For a much shorter but equally effective drying time, place a very dry terrycloth towel in the dryer. During the cycle, it will capture some of the moisture. As with the spinning advice, it saves time and thus, textiles are less damaged by the drying. It is also a small saving on the electricity bill!




When a garment pills, removing it by hand is rather difficult, especially since it often lets other garments take advantage of it. An old pantyhose rolled up in the drum of the dryer will attract a good deal of it.


Good smell


If the linen tends to come out with a bad smell, start by checking that a stain has not burned. Then wash the inside of the dryer with a damp sponge soaked in white vinegar. Finally, remember to always leave the dryer door open or at least ajar between two uses. To leave a good smell on the laundry, put a few drops (no more than 2 or 3) of essential oil on the towel used to remove moisture. The recommended essential oils are tea tree, rosemary, ylang-ylang, lemon, geranium, bitter orange petitgrain or nard.

Roland Garros


To prevent the laundry from coming out completely dry but also completely flattened from the dryer, you can place two or three tennis balls inside the drum during the cycle. We do not recommend the use of hard rubber balls, which should be only used for the washing machine, because tennis balls have the advantage of being less noisy.