How to choose your air conditioner?

Air treatment

AC gives you the benefits of air purification

Air conditioners are essential in ensuring the proper circulation of air. A good AC gives you the benefits of air purification and protects you from too much heat by making the air cool. Purchasing an air conditioner may be the right decision, but it may be an uphill task to choose the best in the market.

Over the years, different companies have commenced the production of air conditioning systems. It is highly advisable to conduct thorough research before deciding on the best air conditioner to purchase. At the epilogue of this article, you will know what to consider before buying an air conditioner.

Consider your budget

Before even looking at other features of an AC, you should consider your budget. Well, the price of one AC may differ from another depending on the features. It would be best to compare the cost of the AC you want to purchase and your budget.

Due to competition from manufacturers, the price of AC’s has gone down. When evaluating the price, you should compare the features of different brands, then, from there, you can decide on the best to buy.


Cooling Capacity

This is another factor you should look out for. British Thermal Units (BTU) are the units used to measure the cooling capacity of any air conditioning system. Cooling capacity means the amount of heat an air conditioner can get rid of from the air.

Getting an air conditioner that perfectly suits your room is paramount. If the BTU is too high for your room, the AC may cool at a higher rate without dehumidification. On the other hand, if the BTU is too low for your room, it may not cool properly.

For a room with up to 90 sq. Ft. you will need an AC with a BTU of 5,000 per hour. If your room measures between 90 to 110 sq. Ft., then you will need an AC with a BTU of 12,000. Most of the medium-sized rooms which have an area of between 120 sq. Ft. to 150 sq. Ft., an AC that produces a BTU of 18,000, will work perfectly if you live in a room with an area of between 150 sq. Ft. to 200 sq. Ft., an AC that produces 24,000 BTU will be ideal.

Apart from your room or house area, there are other factors such as the height of the room that will determine how effective an air conditioner will be in cooling your room. When purchasing an air conditioner, check out the height of the room in which it can cool.


Determine how many air conditioning systems you need

You can either decide to have one AC or several of them, depending on the size of your house. You can determine how many you need by calculating your home area and then looking at the BTU of your preferred AC that will cool your house.

For instance, if your house an area of 1000 sq. Ft. and you require an AC that produces 12,000 BTU, then you will require around ten air conditioning systems. After figuring out how many AC's you will require, you need to decide strategic places to keep them.

The noise level of an AC

Generally, noise is measured in decibels (dBA). Some air conditioning systems are usually noisy, and this is typically irritating. If you are purchasing an indoor Ac make sure it has a minimal noise level. A loud indoor AC system may distract you from your activities. Also, a noisy outdoor AC may result to conflicts between you and your neighbor.

Some states in various countries have regulations on noise levels. It is advisable to check out your state regulations regarding noise levels before deciding to purchase an AC.

Human presence sensor

This sensor mainly detects if there is anyone in the room. If the room is occupied, it will continue working automatically. Some advanced models will even direct the cool air towards the occupant.

When the room has no occupancy, the AC will automatically switch itself off. This is an important feature to look out for when buying an AC since it will save on your electricity and enhance its performance.

Automatic control


It may be tiring to switch your air conditioner on and off every time and also regulating it. Recent AC models are fitted with apps and Wi-Fi control. All you need to have is a smartphone-connected with your air conditonner, and you will control the air conditioner wirelessly.

In terms of controlling your air conditioner wirelessly, you can either turn it on or off, regulate the fan's speed, or even change the direction of the airflow.

Self-cleaning and air filters

Modern air conditioners have been incorporated with complex air filtration systems due to the tremendous advancement of technology. The filtration systems are capable of sensing bacteria, allergens, and mold from the air and eradicating them immediately.

The self-cleaning function automatically enables the Air conditioner to clean itself, and this will reduce dust from compiling in the air conditonner. This feature will also aid in the efficiency of the air conditioner.


Portability of the AC

There are two major types of AC, the portable ones and of course, the stationary ones. It would be best if you decided whether you will need a portable AC or the large AC's which are stationery. The portable AC's are ideal for a small house. If you camp often, you can purchase a portable AC.


Sleep mode feature


Always lookout for this feature when you are purchasing an air conditioner. This function mainly regulates the cooling to a favorable level for sleeping. When the AC is set in sleeping mode, it will be quieter than usual.

Installation process

Some AC has a complicated installation process that will require you to call professionals. Portable and small air conditioners have easy installation processes that require minimal effort. When shopping for an air conditioner make sure to know whether it requires a complex or simple installation procedure.
Energy conservation

Most AC systems use electricity to operate. The features of an AC will determine its electricity consumption. Those fitted with smart features such as sensors tend to save power since they will only operate when needed.


Operating mode of the AC


The operating mode of an AC is very paramount to consider before making a purchase. Most of the AC systems produced, operate within a temperature range of between -10 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius. Depending on the temperature of your area, purchase an AC that can work perfectly in your area.




Although this isn't a significant factor, you should also consider it. Consider the warranty scope offered by the manufacturer. A warranty comes in handy more when you experience some challenges while operating the air conditioner when it is new. Most of the manufacturers offer at least a one-year warranty.

Final thought


An AC is vital in ensuring the circulation of fresh air in your house. Before purchasing an air conditioner system, you should consider the factors above. You should also watch out not to buy counterfeit products though they may be cheaper.

You can also do more research on the AC you wish to purchase from there; you can make an informed decision.