How to Set a Tablet for children


Ensure the tablet is safe for your child


Whether it's for a trip or a vacation, a tablet is the perfect tool to keep a child occupied. Applications of drawings, games, Youtube playlists and other cartoons will be welcome. But first of all, a small step "security" is preferable!


Activation of parental control

This activation will be required so that it does not have access to the Internet unattended.

To activate it on the RCA tablets

you need to:

- Open the Google Play Store app

- Choose at the top left Menu, Settings then Parental Control

- Position the button on "On"

- Create a code known to you only that will need to be entered to change the settings

- Then choose the type of content you want to filter


Select a suitable search engine

Similarly, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc  search engines are not suitable for children.

The ideal is to install Qwant Junior  which is a search engine specially developed for young people. It does not include advertising, access to adult content, or e-commerce sites.


Video entertainment:

It is possible to copy video files from a computer to the tablet. To do this, connect the tablet to the PC via a USB cable. The tablet will then be recognized as an external storage device on which you will simply copy the desired files. It is also possible to use a USB stick to transfer files from one to the other. You'll just have to check that the USB connectors are compatible. Then, a simple copy/paste will suffice to transfer them.


Install some applications

Apart from the games that will occupy it for a while, it is also interesting to install apps that will allow to develop its capabilities to draw, learn or improve its general culture.


Youtube playlists

 If your child has a particular preference for a cartoon or show, it is possible to simply create a playlist with the different episodes.

To do this:

--Simply search for the first episode

--Click "Save" at the bottom right of the video.

--Select "create a playlist"

--Choose a name for that playlist in the "Name" section.

--Determine whether this playlist will be public or private.

--Click "Create."

The playlist will be displayed in the menu on the left on the Youtube page. So every time your child opens the Youtube page, just click on the playlist on the left to access it.


There you go! Now you can put your tablet in your child's hands. It is ready for use... but in moderation!