Tablet or 2-in-1 Laptop : which to choose?


Tablet or 2-in-1 Laptop...  It is your budget and planned usage which could tip the scale one way or the other. Here are the points to consider when making your choice.

The footprint


Opting for a tablet is above all giving the priority to lightness and a small footprint, which depends on the size of the screen. A 10-inch screen  has a diagonal of about 26 cm,

whereas the 13.3 inch-screen   offers a 35 cm diagonal.

If you want to use the device for a long time, the visual comfort of a 13-inch screen will be better. The difference in weight is negligible between the two models, but a 10-inch screen will slip more easily into a small bag, even if both models are very compact!

Touchscreen or keyboard? Even better: both!


With the smartphone, we quickly got used to the ease of use that the touchscreen may offer. Doing almost everything with your fingertips is very practical. But for the office, to take notes quickly, even to simply write mails longer than SMS, nothing beats a keyboard.

Fortunately, with their detachable keyboard, the 2-in-1  model offers the best of both worlds, combining the mobility of a tablet and the power of an ultra-book. Without a keyboard, it's a touch-screen tablet, perfect for surfing the Internet, reading documents, watching movies and photos, or playing videogames just seating in your sofa! By connecting the keyboard, the tablet becomes an ultra-book computer, handy for text input or the use of more complex applications. When the device is not in use, the keypad is also used to protect the screen.


Android or Windows?


Some tablets work with the Android operating system.

The 2-in-1 tablets are equipped with Windows 10, like computers, or Android.

The advantage of Android, compared to a tablet with Windows 10, is to use the same applications as those of smartphones. These applications are for the most part for free or very inexpensive. For a small budget or if you do not need power, an Android machine is to be considered.

The models which are running under Windows 10, are closer in terms of power of the ultra-book, while enjoying a small footprint.

The advantage of Windows is the wide range of software available. Compared to their Android versions, these machines are also more powerful.

If you want to benefit from a keyboard without performing complex tasks, you can select the tablet 2-in-1