Take care of one’s clothes: an ecological approach


Take care of one’s clothes: an ecological approach


Since pollution starts in our washing machine, it is sometimes enough to adopt the right reflexes and have the proper equipment to wash one’s clothes in a more ecological way.

Be aware of the energy consumption


All appliances carry an energy consumption label.


Choose a model that consumes less energy.


Wash at a lower temperature


Today, even at low temperatures, washing powders and washing machines have become more efficient.

A low-temperature washing program is more than enough for the "normally dirty" clothes of everyday life.


Prefer a 40 ° washing program for clothes in direct contact with the body,

Choose a 60 ° washing program for clothes worn by a sick person, and very dirty clothes, towels, and sportswear.


In fact, you consume three times more energy, with a wash at 60 ° C, than with a low temperature program:

Therefore, for your budget, and also for the planet, it will be less electricity consumed!


In addition, at low temperatures, the textile undergoes less wear, because the delicate fibers of the linen are better protected, and the clothes also keep  better their colors.

Finally, you will be even more ecological, by renewing less often your wardrobe, because the textile industry is unfortunately very polluting!


Reduce the duration of the washing programs


In order to achieve even greater savings, use an "Express" program, to reduce wash time of the most used programs, to dust off shirts that have been left unworn for a long time, and favor -whenever possible- a small load of lightly soiled laundry.

Choose a more efficient spin for faster drying in the machine or in the open air. it will respect the linen as well, and will be faster.

In addition, to have a machine with a larger drum could allow the washing of the clothes of the whole family at once: less washes, and therefore even more energy savings!


Finally, give preference to cleaning products carrying an eco-label.

And why not make your own detergent? There are indeed recipes for manufacturing ecological detergents simple to achieve and yet very effective!