The future will be induction


No more charging cables !


For owners of a smartphone with induction charging technology, a dream is finally coming true : get free of any USB cables to recharge mobile phones.


This technology has been used for a very long time, without risk of electrocution for the user, for example to recharge electric razors.


It uses a simple principle, based on the system of the electromagnet: it is the proximity between the smartphone and the recharging station that causes an electromagnetic field, which itself produces electric current, and therefore allows the battery of the device to recharge.

A mass market technology


Today smartphones that incorporate induction charging technology are more and more numerous, and all are compatible with the same charging system, so you can charge your smartphone in any circumstance, without ever having to connect it to the mains.


Reload in music and wireless, everywhere


Rather than having just a single charging station, it seems much better to also associate this function with another device of everyday life:  


For example, at night, why not put your smartphone on the clock radio that integrates not only an induction charger, but also a Bluetooth® connection to listen to your music in bed. So, you fall asleep to music, and the next day you get it with its 100% charged battery.


To boost the power of your TV, a soundbar is ideal. But why not also, thanks to its Bluetooth® connectivity, listen to your favorite music with an enveloping sound, by connecting your smartphone to it. Again, even if you use it to listen to music for hours, your smartphone will not be discharged, thanks to the induction charging built into the soundbar.


Wireless charging, useful everywhere!


With a stereo system that includes an induction charging system, listen everyday to your favorite music from your smartphone, via Bluetooth® or wired via a 3.5mm Aux-in jack, while recharging it without thread.


These different examples demonstrate that it is possible to use inductive charging everywhere in any situation, without compromising on the use of one’s smartphone.

The future will be induction, without a doubt, and it is therefore time to equip yourselves with useful devices, while enjoying music!