Ultra HD: the way to watch TV is changing



If you are a fan of video games, sports, series, and movies, the Ultra High Definition has strong arguments to convince you.

A much more realistic image


A 4K screen has many more pixels than a full HD screen, (8 million instead of 2 million). and that changes everything. For we may see details whose existence we did not even suspect, the image is much clearer, and the contours are better defined.


The difference is obvious when you watch a program broadcasted in 4K UHD or a film in Blu-ray UHD, be it the blades of grass, the stems of a wheat field, the leaves of the trees, all these details benefit from this additional definition, and are more clearly drawn.


A much richer image definition


This definition gain is an asset, whatever the type of program we may watch in UHD. The eyes can then linger on details, as in real life: the grain of the skin or the fabric of a garment ...


There are literally many more things to discover in 4K UHD. Close-up details, objects of smaller size and texture are not the only ones to gain in this multiplication of pixels. Everything is more distinct when a scene is filmed from a distance, whether it is the sportsmen running on a field or hundreds of extras in an epic war fight.


In terms of color and contrast, this increase in definition is also very visible. Outlines are sharper. Gradient shades, shadows, and lights are more progressive. 4K UHD images gain more relief thanks to all these micro-contrasts.


In addition, all the scenes have more depth, because different depths within the image are more marked.


Stronger immersion and emotions


The larger a Full HD screen, the more you have to move away from it, otherwise the pixels that make up the image risk to appear.


With 4K UHD TV set, of equal screen size, pixels are placed much more "tight" because 8 million UHD points occupy the same area as 2 million HD. That's why in 4K UHD you can get closer to the TV screen and immerse your eyes in the image without fear of feeling any eye discomfort.


This impression of deeper immersion is quite the same as in a movie theater.


Finally, in 4K UHD, fast-moving scenes have a much better definition, and are less confusing, more relaxing to follow. A 4K UHD screen is less tiring for the eyes, and even more so in the case of video games.