What content for an Ultra HD TV?


What content for an Ultra HD TV?



Ultra HD TVs are becoming the standard of the market, with lower prices and better picture quality.

An Ultra HD display (3840x2160 pixels) offers an image definition 4 times higher than that of a Full HD screen (1920x1080 pixels) :  8 million pixels  instead of 2 million. The level of detail is far higher !


But if a UHD TV brings more detailed images if compared with full HD content upscaled, it is still with movies, series and games in Ultra HD that reveals its full potential.

So what content are available to watch? Should you invest in Ultra HD? Here are the first answers!


UHD television


TV programs offered natively in Ultra HD are still few. However, there are some, although it is usually conditional. To access it, you need a good Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth (fiber is recommended) and subscribe to an operator that offers access to Ultra HD content. The trend is asserting itself!


This will certainly improve in the coming years! Fortunately, there are other ways to be entertained in Ultra HD.


Netflix and Amazon Prime


By switching to subscription video on demand services, you can be sure to access Ultra HD catalogs at an affordable price.


Netflix chose to shoot all its original content in Ultra HD several years ago. there are literally thousands of hours of Ultra HD content on Netflix, and several hundred also offer HDR.


Most of the original Amazon Prime series are in Ultra HD: So there is a lot of content to watch in Ultra HD! The only requirement for access is to have an internet connection with enough bandwidth.



Blu-ray Ultra HD discs, a rich offer of content


If you prefer to own your movies and shows on physical media at home, you can opt for a Blu-ray Ultra HD player and associated Blu-ray discs. An inexpensive way is to opt for a Microsoft Xbox One S console that can also be used to play Blu-ray discs.


The catalog is important today: all high-performance films are released in Blu-ray Ultra HD, usually accompanied by a standard Blu-ray. You thus benefit from Ultra High Definition movies, to be played , therefore, on a compatible UHD Blu-ray player. And all UHD Blu-ray movies support HDR, so you get the best picture quality available on the market today.


There are already many very good movies in UHD format.

And what about Series? the offer is also expanding quickly with prestige series. There is therefore plenty to watch!


Playing video games in Ultra HD


Playing video games in Ultra HD has become very simple: just have a console of the latest generation, the Sony PS4 Pro or the Xbox One X from Microsoft, knowing that the Xbox One S is only upscaling games in Full HD. The biggest games now come in Ultra HD and the finesse of the rendering allows to sit much closer to the TV set, which guarantees a better immersion, with a new gaming experience.


You now have a little idea of the current offer in Ultra HD.

Just keep in mind that it is constantly evolving: Ultra-HD televisions are becoming the standard, and content distributors are adapting to this new market demand, for our greatest pleasure!


At RCA, there is already a very rich offer of Ultra HD and HDR TVs that guarantee exceptional image quality.